…And the Procrastinating Continues…

I honestly should be packing the apartment, but I decided to give myself the “photoshop” tutorial, by making a blog header. It’s in the upper right of the blog, for some reason. My eyelids are getting quite droopy, so now I’ll retire and talk more about this when I wake.

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  • sleepy post eh ? he he hope yu didnt fall over!

  • Photoshop is clearly far more fun than packing! Packing doesn't make your blog look better does it? LOL. Good luck getting everything done. The blog looks great.

  • Aah packing is always tough! Photoshop on the other hand, is always a good time. But staring at a computer screen until you're sleepy is no good for your darling face, so go get some beauty sleep. 🙂

  • packing is death! i'm so over having to move out of an apt only to have to wait 10 days until the new apt is ready…such is champaign student life.

    but yea photoshop it up…

  • Lee

    Hey Beez, Just wanted to say thanks for checking me out. And by the way, I also attended Champaign. (many moons ago).Cool blog.