Antoine Dodson… Is Going Nowhere.

Really, they are. Consider this your warning.

Hide ya’ tweets. Hide ya’ sites. Antoine Dodson is taking the world by storm!

For those of you who have been living under Plymouth Rock missed the initial hooplah of the Dodson phenomenon, allow me to explain very quickly:

News spread of a news story about an attempted rape in Alabama. Though the attemped rape was quite serious, the unintentional happened with the airing of this story. The brother of the victim (A. Dodson) was able to “run” the attacker off, but not without an interview that included a boatload of choice soundclips. Within days, the clip had a bajillion views, the soundclips were being made as ringtones, and Dodson was taking over the world. No Brain. The Gregory Brothers, who frequently Autotune the News (PS- Check that out!), came up with this gem:

I included the *new!* full version, because now, The “Bed Intruder” song is being sold on iTunes. For seriously. He’s climbing in your playlist. Snatching your repeats up. I can’t stand myself for loving it. I’ve been quoting the song, singing it at the bus stop. I’ve made my own personal remixes (hide ya’ shrimps, hide ya’ fries, AND hide ya’ crumpets!). I’ve contributed to the downfall of many of my friends’ productivity by introducing them to this. I repent: I ain’t ish.

So, anyway…

What has ole’ ‘Toine been up to since he became an overnight celebrity (no Twista)? Well, obviously… he got a Twitter account. He has a website and YouTube channel. All over the internets, people are showing their love through spoofs, posts, and in the case of North Carolina A&T’s marching  band, this soon to be popular homecoming halftime show offering:

All I’ll say is this: Once an HBCU marching band is playing your musical offerings, you’re in. It does kind of make me misty for the days when I played. *raises the roof with invisible trumpet*

So, friends, with Antoine taking advantage of the opportunities and interest his way (shooot, they’re trying to get out of the projects, now!), I think he might be around for a while. In fact, in the words of Sir Shiny Suit, Antoine. Ain’t. Go! In! No. Where! *figgy figgy*

How long do you predict Antoine’s notoriety will last in the tweets, I mean, streets? Will he last for a while, eventually landing his own series on VH1? Will he disappear randomly, like a flame in a midwestern thunderstorm? Will the Dodsons escape the projects? Did anybody find Homeboy? State your predictions below.

In the meantime, I’m hiding my sprinkles.

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