Repost for 20SB Blog Carnival : Bus Presence

This post is a part of 20SB’s Looking Back Blog Carnival, and Ben & Jerry’s is awarding free ice cream to lucky bloggers and readers!

Hi all, I’m reposting this because I’ve never entered a blog carnival (in fact, I just found out what it was yesterday, so although I haven’t been blogging long, I’ll post one of my first entries, about a daunting bus ride. I like providing things for people to laugh at, and the free ice cream is definitely a bonus, so enjoy!

If you want to learn more about the carnival, click here for the details. :*)


Since I don’t have a car, riding the bus has always been a thing of my life- I always have a bus schedule in my bag, and have CU-MTD (It’s separated for a reason- now shut it!) on speed dial, where you can call at anytime to see where the bus is, get put on hold to Weird Al’s “Another One Rides the Bus” for 1.5 minutes, and get the person on the line at the same time your bus is rounding the corner- thanks. The reason I write today is to offer an incentive to all of you to work on your “Bus Presence”- the way people see you as you ride public transportation. I know, we’re at the age to not care what people think and “do selves”- insert any pronoun here, but we are fully aware of the persona we portray when in public. For example, most of the time, I don’t like to be bothered on the way to work, so my bus presence is the “too busy for us with her iPod and smartphone” girl. You try, go on. Don’t all do it at once.

Not my bus, but you get the idea. Why is it so packed and everyone’s still smiling?

Annnnyyyyyy-whooooo, I was coming back from a Target run (I choose the red dot over the smiley on principle- sue me), when a few stops later, a man, a lady, and a baby get on. Harmless enough, right? Well, I thought so too, until it registered in my brain that the woman, man, or both smelled like cigarretes and bologna– eww much? Maybe my senses were off, but there was nowhere else for me to move, and since Mother Nature is currently shaking us up in her snowglobe called “Life, Muvva-Effas!”, I was stuck between a rock and a hard place. I called it “cig-aloney” for the duration of my trip.

A bit of the way, I heard a noise from the back. It sounded like a long, monotonous “Eeeeeeeeeeeee, *pause for breath* eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee”, and I realized there was someone possibly with a mental/developmental condition. In the midst of the person “communicating” (could be that he wasn’t intentionnally doing it, but it didn’t sound like he was distressed or anything), “cigaloney” decided to turn her ugly arse face around.

Note- under normal circumstances, she wouldn’t have been classified as ugly (no homo– hee hee!), but when your body possesses an odor that is “offensive to all five of the senses” ala Peter Griffin, you have revoked the right to your “cute girl discount.” I prayed that they would get off before me, and every stop closer to mine, they just didn’t budge. My prayer life incresed significantly during the bus ride- it just wasn’t right, I say! Anyway, when I got to my stop, I hopped off the bus so fast, I didn’t realize something fell out of my bag- stoopid hair products.

Moral of the story:
Just say no to cigaloney?
Um, don’t forget your iPod to serve as the prime distraction?
the wheels on the bus go round and round, despite all setbacks?

Okay, I got it:
No matter where I go, randomness will follow. Enjoy! Next up: a catalogue of guys in skinny jeans, well, maybe.

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Part 3 of a Series: Michael Jackson– The Man….. A Man

Such a Thriller.

This will be short, so rejoice.

Wow, at this point, what can I say that already hasn’t been said? I’ve enjoyed my journey of sharing what made Michael that deal for me, and I’ve enjoyed reading the comments of those who had similar similar experiences. But, as I promised (and I’m sorry about not posting yesterday, I wasn’t available due to wasting my time with the BET awards *which shall never be capitalized, henceforth, now and forever*– for more information, Luvvie [fellow U of I alumna!!] over at Awesomely Luvvie has a wonderful recap of all the shenanigans.), my last in the remembrance series takes the time to recognize Michael (yeah, we go by first names here) as something people, namely the media, had seem to have forgotten he was in past years.


Michael Jackson was, no… is a giver, and has been for the longest. He gave to charities supporting those suffering from drug and alcohol abuse. He gave his whole $5 million share from the Victory Tour to charity. A humanitarian, who called, almost pleaded, for us to make the world better, by just giving a d*mn. He loved by giving. I’ve been reading this Gary Chapman fellow, who talks about the five love languages, which are basically ways people communicate how they love others. For some, quality time is how you reach their heart. For others, words of affirmation every now and then make them feel appreciated. Gifts and acts of service touch other people, while for others, physical touch may be all they need- a pat on the back, a hug… something.

When thinking about Michael’s work, I’d say he definitely falls under the gifts and acts of service categories. His gift was his music; he shared it with the world, only wanting to see his fans happy. The stage was his home. He gave to people and causes; not because he wanted the recognition, but because it was the right thing to do… Yet and still, there was something he needed.

Michael needed a friend. It broke my heart to hear him say that he felt like the lonliest person in the world sometimes. Even in the song “Stranger in Moscow,” about his sudden “fall from grace” he talks about how awful it just is to be… him. Goes to show you that money can’t buy happiness, and it definitely didn’t seem as if he was using his to get it- except for the Neverland venture. Then again, I saw that as his attempt to make up for lost time in the childhood arena. I know if I were around, I would’ve been his friend. We could have had Sunday dinners (cooked by me, of course) and he could have taught me some of those sweet arse dance moves. Maybe I’d have gotten to see some of the Smooth Criminal Boots (you know, the ones he patented to do the lean all of us were trying to almost break our necks doing?) I wouldn’t have asked for anything and gave everything, just as he gave his all for those of us who loved his art.

What can I say to a person who lived a life full of turmoil? To a father, who risked all he had to ensure that his children didn’t live the type of media-covered life he did? To an artist, who spent his life perfecting his work, so that people like me could say “wow!”? To a trendsetter, record breaker, innovator, game-changer?

Let’s see…

Thank you, Michael Joseph Jackson, for providing the soundtrack to my life.Thanks for sharing your love gift with the world, and working so tirelessly to perfect it so more and more could love it, too. I hope you really are resting in peace with our Father, and getting the rest you definitely deserve. I find comfort in the reports that you made peace with Him.

I’m so sorry that this (pictured right) is the best that “they” could do towards giving you a decent tribute, but I really don’t want to talk about that. So many things could and should have been done better, without the “we ain’t have enough time” excuses. What are excuses? C’mon now… Even Mrs. Bee. We I didn’t need to see a reenactment of her wedding- didn’t care then, don’t care now.

Stay gold, Ponyboy.


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Part 2 of a Series: Born To Amuse, To Inspire, To Delight….

Here One Day, Gone One Night…

I’m sorry that I picked possibly the saddest lyrics in context, but I think most will agree that the above things he indeed did.

He amused us with his antics, whether sassing to his brothers of knowing all about “the blues” at the age of 10, or joking with his date of being overly scared of thriller movies πŸ™‚

He inspired us to be greater that what anyone thought we could be. Besides, if we wanted to make the world a better place, all we had to do is take a look at ourselves and make the change.

He delighted us with the way he innovated, created, and became entertainment.

I sure do remember –*gasp* .

I’m sorry this posting is pretty late, but I kind of got into a nostalgic mode, and got lost in what I was watching. Can ya’ blame me? Following are a selected few of my favorite videos of the master in action. Some you may know, some you may not, but I’m sure you’ll agree: The man was great at what he did. πŸ™‚ Enjoy!

1- Dancing Machine: All I can say about this is two words: Freakin’ Robot.

2- Jackson 5 Locking with Dom DeLuise: This has been one of my favorites since I saw it about a year ago. Even with the obvious odd duck (the late DeLuise, a good sport in my book), and the ridiculous costumes, who do you find your eyes gravitating towards most of the time? … Yeah, my point exactly.

3- 1983 Motown 25: Most people call this his defining moment. I call it pure awesomeness. From the glittered fedora to the sparkly socks, he rocked it.

4-Man in the Mirror: Pop Quiz- Who are we starting with?

5-Super Bowl XXVII (or 27 if you had to count it out like I did…): Before 1993, who else had a whole halftime show alone? There are two videos here.

6-Smooth Criminal: I wanted to include this earlier, but honestly, I’m just being too lazy and didn’t want to renumber everything. How many of you remember almost breaking your neck, scraping your forehead, or in my case, just failing at the anti-gravity lean? And how many of you, like myself felt punk’d after finding out about his patent for the shoes that allowed him to defy said gravity? More on that tomorrow for those who don’t know. Just enjoy the performance for now.

7- 30th Anniversary Billie Jean: Yes, I know I posted this song before, but I had to just to illustrate this point: the man could command a performance. He could spend an hour doing something mundane, like polishing his shoes, and as long as there are a couple of “chi-cka’s” or “cha-mon’s” (I know we all have our different spellings, but you know what I mean), we’d be watching until magic happened. Usually, it did.

8- *Personal Bonus* Soul Train Awards, Remember The Time Soul Train Awards Edition: I call this the “If you thought he was bad before, he’s SOUPER bad here!” performance. Although it’s loved because it’s one of my favorite. songs. ever, there’s more to it that makes it greater-er. Yeah, I said it. Simple backstory: He sprained his ankle before the awards, which is why he’s in a wheelchair. Yep… a wheelchair. He performed a full song in a wheelchair, with backup dancers, and brought-ened it! You could tell how super comfy he is on stage too, especially when the crowd starts cheering him on. Talk about a king ruling from his throne…

*Bonus Bonus*: Remember the Filipino prisoners who did the choreographed Thriller routine? Well, they have a *sniff* tribute video out now, and I wanted to post it. Let me know how it is, because ol’ Notamac (my laptop’s name) doesn’t have sound.

Yes, I did this post without hearing any of them. Yes, I’ve watched all of these videos enough to know exactly which ones I wanted.

Yes, he’ll be missed.

Tell me which of his performances you loved, and if you were one of the lucky ones to have ever seen him in concert.

**Note: This is Part 2 (If you couldn’t tell from the title) of a series. If you want part 1, click here.


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Remembering the Times…

Always in Our Hearts- Your life will live on through your music.

Yesterday was a defining moment for me.

Along with 9/11 and President Obama, I will always remember where I was… when they announced Michael Jackson’s death.

The King of Pop. Is Gone. Michael Jackson has gone to glory. The King of m.f’ing Pop is gone?!? My favorite singer, producer, PERFORMER, gone? My denial still gives me hope. A few glasses of wine at the time did too. My friend and I tried to remember Thriller, and her baby joined in – baby’s first dance off! As more and more reports came in, and retrospectives began airing, I started experiencing my own five stages of grief-

1- Denial: “Everything’s ok. There’s a new CD coming out, the tour’s ready, and his kids and family need him!”

2 (Anger) and 3 (Bargaining): “I still don’t believe it! Why did this have to happen now, when he was about to get back in the game?!? I’d spare another Jackson in favor of Michael!) *note, things said in stages of grief usually aren’t true, but things a person just rant about, at least in my case.

4- Depression: Bouts of “misty eye” every time I hear a song like “I’ll Be There” or “Never Can Say Goodbye” is about the furthest I went here. That and me playing the game “Where was I when I first heard this, tried to learn the video dance moves, attempted to play it myself, etc.” Just more of a period of remembering MY Michael, which may be different than your Michael.

5- Acceptance: Although I feel he’s Gone Too Soon, when all is said and done, it was just his time to go. God saw it fit to call him home, so perhaps, Heaven Couldn’t Wait. I’ll Never Say Goodbye, because The Way He Made Me Feel was indescribable. I mean, this is the guy who wanted to Heal The World, and I Remember the Time he made it cool to be a Liberian Girl (I’m not, but who wouldn’t want to be after that sensual jam?). I would Wanna Be Where You Are, but it’s not my time. I know there’s a great party going on in Heaven, because God’s got front row seats to the greatest tour ever. I know the Dancing Machine won’t disappoint, and if all else fails, we’ll Blame it on the Boogie. Until then I won’t Stop ‘Til I Get Enough, and continue to live my life Off the Wall.

I sincerely pray that you get the peace that you never seemed to get on Earth, and that your family finds comfort in knowing that you’ll truly Be There.

And now, since I’ve started the misty eye again, I’ll post a few of my favorite videos. I have a feeling that I just may split this into a few series, because he was just the quintessential performer! He is music. So today, a few of my favorite songs from the one, the only, Michael Joseph Jackson I.

Note: I tried to stay away from all of the hits that are givens, like P.Y.T., Thriller, Bad, et al. We all know and love them.

Remember when you learned how to do this? I do.

1- Wanna Be Where You Are: One of my favorite songs fromt he J5 era. cute in that “kid sings about love” kind of way. Spectacular bassline.

2- All I Do is Think of You: Another great J5 hit, that most people didn’t know existed. Schoolhouse love in its simplest form. Taking the long way home to think… I’ll take this one over Troop any day.

3- Blame it on the Boogie: Sunshine. Moonlight. Good times. Boogie. What else can be said? Look out for some of the first crip walk sightings in the first chorus too! πŸ™‚

4-Off the Wall: These lyrics say it all: So tonight, gotta leave that nine to five upon the shelf, And just enjoy yourself.Groove, let the madness in the music get to you, Life ain’t so bad at all — If you live it off the wall. It sure ain’t, Michael.

5- I Can’t Help It: All I’ll say is “who couldn’t help it?” Song is just smooth.

6-Liberian Girl: Who does a video with everyone except himself in it? I’ll tell ya who, this guy. The only official version I could find, you’ll have to click the link for this one- I promise you’ll enjoy it. Not to mention, the song is hotness-why else did MC Lyte sample it?

Youtube Link to Liberian Girl

7- Another Part of Me: I remember learning how to play this song, especially the horn parts. Watching videos of him perform it emphasize my need to recognize him as such, which will come tomorrow. Until then, enjoy this tidbit.

8- You are not Alone- The video I don’t care for as much, but the lyrics and vocalization are definitely on point. I’ve been practicing my “Michael Vibrato” for years, I tells ya! πŸ™‚ Click the link again for this one.

Michael in You are not Alone

9-Stranger in Moscow: This link is just to the song, but to fully get it, watch the video. He was going through tough times during this release, and you can see his vulnerability so clearly it’s just… surreal.

10- Butterflies: Remember that “Michael Vibrato” I was talking about? It’s all up and through here… but again, a simple love song, that was simply him.

11- Heaven Can Wait: I understand many won’t be able to listen to this song right now, and I truly understand. When I listened last night, I had my moment, so take yours. When you’re ready, listen and appreciate.

Honestly, I don’t blame heaven for not waiting. Everyone wanted a piece of you, and now I hope you can rest in peace. I’ll be praying. As I tweeted last night, an angel took flight, a king took his throne, and the human laugh track was reunited with his partner. In addition, little Jada Justice became an angel too-so I’ll definitely be praying. And dancing. Won’t you join me?


The Best I Could Do Re: the “wear floods and loafers” memo.

Up tomorrow: Great performances.
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Whatever Wednesdays: Jon and Kate… Plus a Big Debate?

Excuse the crude depiction Γ  la Perez Hilton, but I have no photo skills. Step 1: done.

By now, everyone has heard the “news,” though it’s still up for grabs whether everyone should know. Jon and Kate Gosselin, of the reality show “Jon and Kate Plus 8,” made a “big announcement” on Monday evening, which I’m sure many tuned in to watch, though we all kind of knew what it was. Being a non-regular watcher of the show, meaning it was maybe my third time total, I was rooting for them. The adorable kids in their Crooked Houses (which, by the way, are costly! From the website: Most of our uniquely designed children’s custom playhouses start at $5000 – with our standard playhouses starting at only $1249.) Only- Heh. We could see the obvious tension between the parents, and it felt kind of awkward watching, kind of like that Family Guy clip: Horton Hears Domestic Violence in the Next Apartment and Doesn’t Call 911.

As sweet as the 30 minute “commercial” for Crooked Houses, and seeing the excitement of the little ones (who she show was originally about, right? I thought it was best to remind everyone, since the focus has definitely shifted.), the mood was different simply because everyone was on edge waiting on the big announcement. Sooner or later, it was here: they decided to separate, in their words. Blah blah blah, I don’t hate the other person, blah blah blah, it’s all about the kids… and then the ominous black screen that says as of June 22, legal proceedings began to dissolve their marriage- a bit different than “separating,” eh? The sad thing is that, because the whole world has had a front row pass to their marriage’s untimely demise, everyone has an opinion. Sure, we can say she emasculated him, treated him like crap, he didn’t have a backbone, they were doomed from the start, or whatever the case is, I don’t really care. The sad part is that the unwilling parties in this (ie, the CHILDREN) have taken a backseat to this media blitz in favor of the “he said, she said” kind of coverage.

I feel bad for the kids though. When they look back on this, their memories of their crooked houses may be overshadowed by their parents’ split, especially after seeing this episode years later or so. It’s gonna be complicated for them. The younger ones are kind of too young to understand it, but the twins are going to have more of a struggle with it. I really wish that they would’ve said eff the show for now to work on whatever issues they had, instead of as Kate said, filming because “the show must go on.” Not really, it mustn’t. I feel bad for broken families, especially one of that size. Since it’s not really my place to have an opinion, being that I’ve only watched the show a few times, I’ll label it as a “Whatever Wednesday.” Divorce? Whatever. Work on the family.


What about us, yo?
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Confessions of a Slacker

Funny this shirt is the same color as the alma mater.

Well, my adventures with the shred have taken an interesting… halt, since the last time I’ve posted.

*folds hands like Jenny in Good Times* Mama, noooo!!

Really, though, I have a good reason. I promise!!

So Saturday, I went to a work banquet (where Yours Truly won the Highest Performing new Tax Preparer Person- aka “Rookie of the Year”), and has a splendiferous breakfast. Afterward, I hung out with one of my cool coworkers and her kids, then in the evening, I went to a friend’s sendoff party. There was a barbecue for said friend who’s going (well at this time, gone) to the Air Force. Ate, drank, and performed all that merriment ish.

Sunday was the Lawd’s day, of course, so I rested on the Sabbath to keep it holy (well, at least, after church). Good times were had, and after the looong day I had the day before, it was high time for a nap- NEXT! πŸ™‚

Monday, I went with Air Force buddy (and wife and baby) to send him off before his chariot picked him up for Basic. Hung out with the girls all day, helping them adjust to missing daddy, then watched the “Jon and Kate Plus Hate” episode. Got a call during the day for a temp job that started the following day (ie TODAY!!!), so came home and got ready for that! πŸ™‚

So in the midst of transitions (and, ok, I’ll admit it. Just plain laziness to a point), I realize I have to change my schedule, in order to continue my (downward) growth. I have noticed a slight slimmening of the tummy, and I have lost about 7 pounds since my last doctor visit in March-ish, so I’d say I’m doing okay! πŸ™‚

When I get off work tomorrow, I’ll do the darn workout, I promise.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s “Whatever Wednesday”- even if tomorrow’s technically in about half an hour. I won’t have it done by then. Just know that. Love you all anyway!


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Day 2 of The Shred (aka “ouch”)

To conserve energy, I’ve resorted to crawling or dragging myself around the house.

This SO better be worth it, yo, or Imma go to Ms. Michaels’ place of residence like Stewie did Will Ferrell after seeing the “Bewitched” movie.

Scratch what I said yesterday about it “hurts so good.” This ish just hurts. Muscles I didn’t even know I had, like the armpit… what do you call those anyway, and most importantly, how do you work those out?

I also pulled my right shoulder. After the workout, during the stretch part.

All in all, I actually made it through without stopping this time, so perhaps Beez 2.0 is coming sooner than we thought. I’ll try and give the full 30 days a go, even with the running. Either that or I’ll be crumpled in my living room in about 28 days. We’ll see.


P.S.- Ouchie ouchie. Ouch, ouch ouch. Grr.

Day 2 of 30: Done-zo.

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Shredding for a Day and I Feel Like a Pro…

… I’m lying.

For those of you not familiar with the “Shred”especially since I just found out about it 2 weeks ago, I’ll offer a brief intro: “30 Day Shred” is a workout series developed by Jillian Michaels of “The Biggest Loser” fame (never watched the show, so I don’t know much about her previous works). In this series, you do circuit training, that is, 3 minutes of strength, 2 minutes of cardio, and 1 minute of abs for 20 minutes at a time, and in 30 days, you’ll be shredded (or looking like you belong on Mary Murphy’s “Hot Tamale Train” by looks alone).

There are 3 levels of workouts, each designed to be done for about 10 days. Since I’m doing C25K also, I figure I can do that as usual on MWF, and shred a little on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I’m still a beginner, so easing back into this whole “being active” thing is kind of rough. Jillian does offer some nice one liners though, in the form of motivation- Prime Example, during butt kicks, she asks her demonstrator “You’re literally kicking yourself in the a$*, huh?” I keeled over, not expecting it.

Source of the “very real” pain in my arse. Hurts so good.

Anyway, my first experience with the 30 Day Shred wasn’t all that bad. I couldn’t find my inhaler, so I did find myself winded for a bit, and I got cramps on the outside of my soles again during some of the cardio (note: does anyone know how to prevent this, besides resting? Either I’m putting a lot of stress on my feet from going to chair potato to Active Annie, or my feet need more people.) Usually, a stop for longer than the 5 seconds Jillian encourages as a maximum to catch your breath helped me out. Other than that, I just started with the supreme goal to just finish today, and that I did. The strength moves emphaized the fact that I have no upper body strength (Stoopid girly arms), so my goal is to do a set of “real life” push ups by the time I’m done.

Now that it’s over, I feel a little ache in my front thighs (I know they’re called quads, but front thighs just works better for me, mmkay? ‘Kay.), and when I started a fb chat with my friend, I noticed my fingertips were kind of shaky. So far, it hurts so good, and I can hopefully keep it up. Had a spinach salad with raspberry vinaigrette afterward, so maybe it’s not so bad. Hope that you all will pray for my strength (and my ridiculously weak arms) for the next month or so! Also, if you know anyone who has some tips for those foot cramps, have their people call my people. I’d greatly appreciate it! πŸ™‚

Hope you all enjoy your (almost) weekend!


Day 1 of 30: Done

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First Theme! I shall name it…

… [Dr. Evil Air Quotes] Whatever Wednesday [/Dr. Evil Air Quotes]

Just something I came across today, that made me go, “Whatever!”

Note the speech in the red box. That is all. Whatever.

Now going to watch So You Think You Can Dance- praying that wardrobe will end this apparent beef with Cat Deeley. πŸ™


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… naw, not really- I keed!

I am in the process of changing things, though. I think as of lately (or possibly just since the inception of this blog), I haven’t really had much of a focus. Then again, I’m not sure if I want to have one, but to make things a bit interesting (at least for the 4.5 readers I have), I’ll get some themes going! What to rant about first, though?

I could always talk about my own personal brand of shenanigans….

…or things that make me slightly annoyed (or grind my gears, or tricks my treats, or whatever you young folks say), or questions that are essential to life, like “Why is Dennis Rodman still getting airtime, as if it’s 1997, and his relevance is at an all time high?”

Perhaps the people would love to hear about my adventures in babysitting?

I know! What if I talk about all of my secrets? (Note: I considered “The Secret Life of Beez” as a blog title- it just may come to fruition one of these days)

I’m sure the “Unemployment Chronicles” tag is strangely relevant to today’s modern 20 something trying to find their way.

How about this: My life, and other things I deem important, or at least interesting, at the time of the post?

Yeah… I like that.

For now, that’s all I’ve got. Maybe soon you’ll see “Wailing Wednesdays” or “Flabbergasting Fridays” or some aliteration theme day.



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