Back with a Real Gem!!

Hi all,

I’ve been up to my usual brand of shenanigans, but you know how I have the tendency to find some of the most random products ever? If not, you’re definitely in for a treat. After watching, my mouth was left agape, in a “Did I just SEE this? With my own eyes?” kind of moment. Well, I present to you: Big Top Cupcake!!

Go on, I’ll let you recover.

By far, this is one of the silliest things I’ve seen. A “cupcake” that’s (boom, shakes screen) 25 times bigger than a normal cupcake?!? Most of the time when we make cupcakes, it’s for one of these reasons:
*So you don’t have to cut a big a*s cake.
*So you don’t have to frost a big a*s cake.
*So you don’t have to have a big a*s cake that looks like a cupcake in disguise.

I mean, seriously… If I want to make a big cake, I will, just not under the guise of a super huge (shakes screen) cupcake, with filling!! Notice how the kids look so ho-hum at the sight of the normal cupcake, but once Big Top Cupcake shakes their world, they’re good to go? The little girl even *Homer drools* at the sight of that thing. Also, do you see how awkwardly big those slices are? that’s like asking for a tip on a chicken wing and getting a turkey drumstick. And we wonder why we’re so big!!

But wait, there’s more! You can switch up the flavors on the pieces, and even with the special filling creator, you can fill your cake with pudding, custard, ice cream, or dareIsayit, MORE FROSTING! *squeeeee!!!*

Has anyone out there tried this? How exactly do the 3-D cookie cutters work? They look like poorly constructed paper dolls. I seriously hope that you all got a good laugh out of this, as I have.

Yours in Laughter,

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