Can’t Keep a Good Beez Down…

I’ve been spending all this time not posting… that means that if I have something to say now, something good has to have happened, right?

Not really.

Still figuring out what’s next, and i have exactly 30 days to pack up the apartment I’ve lived in for 3 years in the midst. Some days, it feels like everything’s against me. I applied for 3 jobs one day, only to find 2 denials in my inbox the next… doesn’t take much time to get a “no,” eh? I know my brand of optimism is weird and rare these days, but I just hold on to the hope that one day, the one who says “yes” will be more than worth it. Guess the same could be said for men too, though I’m proud to admit I haven’t actively pursued that arena in the longest. Perhaps because I’ve been spending so much time figuring myself and my situation out– could you imagine being almost homeless, perpetually jobless, and in a relationship?!? The horrors of it all. *shudders*
Fetal Zombie Hoe = I am The Beez, Fool.

I did see the HP 6 movie, and I’m convinced that my eccentricities rival Luna Lovegood’s at times, but that’s another story for another day. In fact, my Whatever Wednesday this week was supposed to go to Warner Bros. There’s always the weekend though. Let’s just say there were a few parts that made me check my ticket stub to make sure I was in the right place.

Anyway, I just figured out it’s Friday, so that means I need to find something that I find entertaining from the past… What did I call it? Oh yeah– Flashback Friday. D’oh!

Before Sesame Street was inundated by the red terror known as Elmo (no last name- what is he, Cher or something?), it was filled with lots of catchy tunes, and even friendlier monsters. Monsters that weren’t jerks, except maybe Grover… but I loved him because he didn’t mean it. He was only trying to help the blue man. Anyway, some of the funnier ones.

Anyway, ladies and gentlemen, the songs of Sesame Street.

*The spelling of this video is Heeee-larious: Classic Sesame Street – Take a Bweaff

*Cereal Girl- obvious parody here, but the dog was jamming!

*Aww schnap! The Monster in the Mirror (aka the “Wubba Wubba” song). Everybody who was anybody was in this celebrity version: Dwayne Wayne from a different world, Kid and Play, Ray Charles, Whoopi, the lady who played Murphy Brown, Robin Williams, Theo Huxtable, and The Simpsons! To be honest, I think I might’ve been in there somewhere too. Probably chillin’ with the Frugal Gourmet dude. Reason #53 for why Grover is awesomeness ^50.

*Do-Wop Hop- I still do the Kermit dance to this day. Why were the animals the best backup singers? The pig sisters, the cows, it was just a talented cast of Muppetry! Not to mention the serious air Kermie got on this 🙂

*Do De Rubber Duck- I’m not sure if I’d still be singing and dancing if the whole block ended up in my bathroom in scrub gear, but the song is still catchy nonetheless. In real life though, this makes me giggle.

Have a happy weekend, all!


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