The Inheritor

Recently, I inherited some items from a friend moving. This isn’t the first time I’ve collected such items, but as I began to make space for them, I came across things from friends and moves past.

A packet of chai tea. Spare dishes. A bookshelf. Cleaning supplies. Free food (praise Him!). Little reminders that, when used, cause me to remember little moments with people. Those little moments become deep memories, that I recall with fondness. I remember that these moments, these memories, make me what I am today. Each item tells a story, linking me to a moment in time that can’t be repeated, but often relived. Though we may have been separated by distance or circumstance, the imprints left on the heart run deep.With the passing of time, I don’t treasure them any less.

I don’t like moving much. My need for stability fuels that. Something about packing and going, though the acts propel you into something new, seems so finite. I joke sometimes and say I’ll likely live in my current dwelling until an outside job or the prospect of marriage seduces me away. The more I joke, the more I realize it’s not a joke- I truly believe it. I often wonder who will inherit pieces of me whenever the time comes. Do I have to itemize a list with Excel and analyze what will go to whom, and write a long letter? Do I just put everything in my living room and let people have at it? Soon enough, I realize that it will likely happen organically, as much of these friendships have.

As much as my friends have become part of my story, I have to remember I am also a part of theirs. The items might be a tangible reminder of their presence in your life, but the true inheritance is the lifetime of friendship and memories shared, and those to come.

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Tribute to the 90’s: The Most Horribly Awesome Decade of All. (Part 3)

This one’s pretty long, but stems from that SAME conversation… My goodness, we are pros at word/thought/idea association. We did reach an eye-opening revelation towards the end, though:

me: THIS.

Renisha:  OH MAH GAH!!!

me: I used to love me some Kel Mitchell.

Renisha:  is that who’s rapping? i used to LOOOOVE me some ROMEO!

me: I couldn’t mess with him and that eye. Much like Musiq soulchild.

Renisha:  yes

me: My friend used to collect all them posters from Word Up! Magazine. And when she got over her obsession, she sold them for a quarter. When you consider how much that mag cost. she was BANKING on them posters

Renisha:  why they got they shirts open with a shirt AND a jacket on? EL DEE BEE didn’t get NO camera time

me: immature stayed dressing like some rebellious vagabonds. i used to forget el dee bee was part of the group

Renisha:  they liked plaid

me: i feel like he was the ‘spare bish’ of the group, only to make a batman/romeo duo less awkward.  he ain’t get no solos or NUFFIN.

Renisha:  NOTHIN!  not a rap or NO-THING!

me: he didn’t even get to DRUM! useless a*s name they gave him

Renisha:  RIGHT!

me: they flooding HOARD dinner mug in this video! with no socks!!  LMAOOOOO

Renisha:  CHILE!

 me: I forgot this was when Romeo had that unfortunate perm. hurr just swanging

 Renisha:  and then the little dance breakdown they got on them WHITE socks


 Renisha:  chile….  YUP!   

 me: i. am. dying.  Kel… swoon

Renisha:  i can’t take this any longer  omg…my side hurts!

me: I’m burning calories i ain’t even put in. now on to we got it:  we don’t know what they got, doe.  peek a boo v-necks. i cannot

Renisha:  chile…   these dance moves

me: how the band know the sheet music, doe?
i never understood that in any video?  you just show up relatively unknown, yet the band just knows what song you gon’ wanna sing?

Renisha:  these outfits chile…  YELLOW PANTS THO!?

 me: i can’t with this MC lyte doppelganger… then the whole nursing home erupts in dance? o_O

Renisha:  i am CRACKIN up!

me: it’s like this scene from good burger:

how  they just all know the moves?

 Renisha:  RIGHT!!!!


 I’m so mad at the uploaders comment on this. The other comments, too!  LMAOOOOOO!! **note, comments were found on the video posted here, but they didn’t wanna let me embed, so… *shrug* **

Renisha:  h*ll nawl!

me: “Romeo had a d*mn bob”


me: Romeo was a real life Mushmouth from Fat Albert

Renisha:  ERICA!!! I can barely type right now… how in ALL HELL did we like this??

me: LAWD!! I just… don ‘t know…  We were seriously misguided as youths. El Dee Bee was looking all malnourished about the head.   I’m gonna take a guess and say his perm didn’t take all the way

Renisha:  RIGHT!!! so they just shaved his stuff off.   ROMEO ain’t make NO SENSE during that verse.  i can’t understand a word he is sayin

me: They didn’t stick no lacefront or anything on him!

Renisha:  AT ALL

me: Just pushed him out there… “there ya go, baldy. Homies over h*es.” The song doesn’t make much sense.   I just… don’t know what I”m grooving for. They stayed on somebody’s rooftop dancing though

Renisha:  HOW…Erica? HOOOOWWW did we like this stuff?!!!  this is TERRIBLE

me: Terribly horrible

Renisha:  they couldn’t SING!  no vocal skills at ALL!

me: And they weren’t even THAT CUTE!   They were boys with press n curls! and sunglasses!

Renisha:  NOT CUTE AT ALL!!!

me: like some project Beatles.

Renisha:  but LOVED me some Romeo

me: And did anybody understand the reason behind the name change?

Renisha:  they changed it to ‘Mature’ right? or wait…  IMX or somethin like that…   DMX?

me: “Mature,” Renisha? death

Renisha:  chile…i dunno

With that said, the 90’s were indeed horribly awesome. Between subpar singing, oversized primary colored clothing, and El Dee Bee’s hatless head, these are the memories my youth is comprised of. This series… just might have to continue, though.

Love and Rooftop Dances,


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Tribute to the 90’s: The Most Horribly Awesome Decade of All. (Part 2)

Part 2 on me and Renisha’s look back into the 90’s. Part 1 can be found here

Renisha: crackin UP!
remember when they got a new girl – NOT michelle

me: Yep… she lasted the duration of that video shoot. po’ thang

Renisha: a week! LOL!

me: did she get pregnant and voted off the island or something?

Renisha: chile…i don’t even remember. what was her name?

me: shoot… ahownno. spare bish?

Renisha: WeNeed AnotherChick

me: kelly and this gahtdamb blue hair. marge simpson swag

Renisha: LOL!

me: they thought they was hitting that plie at the end too… what the heck was that?!

Renisha: LOL!!!

me: michelle had on her “Lawd, don’t let me fall to the wayside and have to go back to the welfare” face. spare bish on the other side had her ‘shank beyonce face”
high waisted pants + midriff baring shirts = fail

Renisha: LMBOOO!!!!

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Tribute to the 90’s: The Most Horribly Awesome Decade of All. (Part 1)


Let me just start off by saying this: If you didn’t grow up in or around the 90’s, you pretty much ain’t nothing. Millenials, you just missed out on everything that made the world turn: Nick, Snick, cheesy sitcoms with recycled characters, commercials that were relevant to the product being sold, REAL cartoons still in circulation… man, I could just go on and on, but the retrospective is bringing tears to my eyes. This all began with an epic gchat conversation between myself and Renisha, and oh my gosh, we just got to remmin… remun… thinking about old stuff. We begin with this gem:


Renisha: Why am i laughin SO HARD at this video?  look at their clothes!
 me: lawd!!!   how they change clothes mid chorus?
Renisha: i am CRYIN laughin right now  LOL!
me: That bald dude with the glasses…
 Renisha: LMBO!  you see Immature in the video???
 me: weighmint.   DID I SEE IMMATURE?!!  I was JUST about to say that!
 Renisha:OMG!!!! This is tumblr worthy!  gon’ head and post it
 me: LeToya and her thoia thoing dress on.   I just can… and can’t with the 90’s. all at once.
 Renisha: Kelly ain’t have NO BOOTEE!NONE!
 me: Not n’aan aat all
 Renisha: in them pleather pants!  iCan’t!
 me: was immature even old enough to be in the club just chillin like that?
 Renisha: Was Destiny’s child!? shooo
me: random lone couple grinding in the dark hallway = death
 Renisha:i am SO TICKLED right now My  eyes are watering SO BAD, tryin not to laugh outloud in this starbucks
me: I would have failed.
 Renisha:i’m sweatin
 me: Sometimes when the cackle comes thoo, you just gotta let it out
 Renisha: watches it again
 Renisha:why was latoya grindin on the wall by herself tho?  and them brown knickerbockers that other chick was wearin?  LAWD!! iCan’t!
me: Everything was right and wrong at the same time   We watching the video saying no, no, no, no, no. But we saying yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, too.

me: Why didn’t nobody say “go home, roger!” though? NOBODY in that club took advantage of that golden opportunity?
they all had on the same colored lipstick #makeupartistfail
  look at BeNONCE’s shoes?
me: and that dreadful lipliner
That was the era of “black girls lining their lips in black no matter what the occasion, season, or coordinating colors were.”
Renisha: RIGHT!!!
wedding = black lipliner
homecoming = black lipliner
me: funeral = black lipliner
birthday party = black lipliner
fashion shows= all black lipliner errthang
Renisha: going to class in college = black lipliner
me: nobody had sassy gay friends in the 90’s. i’m convinced
and that clear sticky gloss from the beauty supply, so yo’ whole lip was just grey and ashen.
 Renisha: with the white stuff in corners

 me: ughhh!! yes!!

We reviewed about 3 videos for this… and I think they will be separate posts. 🙂

What are some of your favorite memories from the 90’s? 

Hugs and Cross Colored Sprinkles,

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Friends- How Many of Us Have Them?

I feel so friendless on here- granted it’s only been a week, but compared to a week on facebook (where you’ll have 500+ “friends,” a welcome parade, and some cool gifts in the goody bag,) I haven’t quite gotten the ball rolling on here. Not that I’m looking for them- as every “villain/ ” on the reality shows say while in their prime “I’m not here to make friends, I’m just here to cook/take pictures/eat horse arse and win!” Except I won’t do that. Just like the song.

So anyways, if you know of any cool twenty-somethings, or older, or younger, I’d like to get to know them. And you, too, if it’s fine with ya. I won’t bite. I promise. My teeth are too small to handle much anyway. 🙂

Until next time,

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