So, Now I Can Kick* Back and Relax!


I come with a special announcement today, but what good is getting to the point of it all, when I can mess with your heads for a bit? It has been a while. Anyway, how many of you all were born in the 80’s, like me? The decade(s) in which we grew up provided pop culture references for a lifetime. I could just start a game of “Remember _____?” with you all now, and watch your eyes glaze over as you recall fond memories of:

  • Smurfs
  • Snap bracelets
  • Goosebumps books
  • The Simpsons when they were funny
  • Finish the theme lyrics- Some times, some crimes, go slipping through the cracks… 
  • Lisa Frank ERRTHANG (seriously, how many rainbow pony penguins can one fit on a pencil?)
  • Baggy overalls and decorating t-shirts with puffy paint
  • Days before Apple Bottom jeans and boots with the fur would have been laughed at

Even images can send you into a frenzy. For example, let’s get Exhibit A out and see who doesn’t turn into a pile of mush:

Stick Stickly is my homeboy. I still remember his address.

Takes you back, right? Well, I’ve been reliving my childhood a bit, thanks in part to Netflix. I recently re-discovered classics such as Rugrats, Madeline, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and VR Troopers again, and have turned it into a MST3K-type viewing experience. How awesomely cheesy is that! So, yesterday, I was feeling all nostalgic on the Twitter, and tweeted the following:


I feel as an adult, I’d be able to identify more with the quirky humor of Pete squared, or The Adventures of Pete and Pete. Digging up some of my old favorites, like Ren and Stimpy and Rocko’s Modern Life (also on Netflix), clued me into how ridiculously mature the themes of those shows were. How is it that my younger  eyes, ears, and mind only scratched the surface of the material, and it was still great? Pleasantries and similar thoughts of awesome were exchanged between myself, Nick, and That Ethiopian or Whatever He Is Boy, and I went on about my day. Later on, I received a message from Nick, informing me of what I can only deem the BEST NEWS EVER (and the point of this post): SNICK is coming back- and soon!

Come. On. Jesus.

 That’s right, friends. On July 25th, we can begin to partake of the shows of years past, according to the TeenNick blog. I, for one, cannot wait. I have a lot of questions that need to be answered, such as:

  • Why was a boy allowed to just climb in and out of Clarissa’s room all willy-nilly, without even announcing himself? Furthermore, what exactly did she explain, besides a whole lot of nothing?
  • Am I REALLY afraid of the dark? 
  • Are Earboy’s ears really as big as Pizza Face claimed they were?
  • Who gave Little Pete a tattoo?
  • Why was Cousin Skeeter the only puppet in a family of humans?
  • When Alex Mack turned into her traveling puddle, where on Earth did her clothes go?
  • Was Allen Strange really all that strange, or just misunderstood?
  • Why did Nickelodeon feel like a pie in the face or slime was the cure-all punishment? 
  • What was the THAT which you couldn’t do on television?

Man, I could go on for ages. Let’s just say that on the 25th, I will be GLUED to a television like never before. For those of you with children, you’ll get to share a bit of your history with them, and see if they enjoy it as much as you do! I wonder if some of the old game shows will be aired, too. I loved some Legends of the Hidden Temple (outside of those boors that couldn’t put together a THREE PIECE monkey), Nick Arcade, and GUTS. I’m about to cry from excitement. What am I supposed to do for the next… 13 days? Lawd! I guess I could always, uh…

…attempt to do this.

Maybe I’ll say words I never thought to say before now, like “Thank you, Nick Cannon (who is the chairman at TeenNick).” That actually felt funny, so I’ll just continue to squee and bounce around until the 25th.

What were some of your favorite shows from the SNICK lineup, or from Nickelodeon in general? Will you be in front of someone’s television come July 25th?

In the meantime, I’ll leave you with a jingle…
Write to me, Beez Hunny, PO Box 620,
Won’t disclose my city, or my state, but the zip code ends in eight!

PS- Check out the first letters of the first 5 words in the title. 🙂 

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Sesame Street is Over the Hill. Let’s Celebrate!

This past week, one of my favorite childhood shows turned 40. I feel some kind of way about calling it my favorite childhood show, because I’m still known to curl up with a bowl of cereal and my Snuggie *raise the roof!*, and become immersed in tunes sung by Muppets. I’m sure you all knew of my, ahem, slight obsession with “The Street” if you read my Flashback Friday posts outlining favorite songs, or even my analysis on why Ernie was,is, and forever will be the WORST ROOMMATE OF ALL TIME… of ALL TIME! *kanye shrug* All I’m saying is, ever since I can remember, Sesame Street’s always been a part of my life.

All over the interwebs, people have scrambled to find their favorite clips in order to pay tribute to the show that celebrated diversity, uniqueness, and just being YOURSELF. Luckily, for me, most of mine are already favorited on YouTube, and are even suggested to me, like Little Chrissy and the AlphaBeats. Who can forget the soulful muppet with the energy of Little Richard? I personally loved his hit “Wet or Dry”- doesn’t it remind you of something our favorite Thrillermaker made?

Google has raised the bar higher and higher with their tributes for every occasion. I had paid attention to this in the past, but I really got interested after the MJ birthday tribute logo they did this past summer, found here. Below, you’ll see a collection of their Sesame Street tributes:
The legs that began it all.

Resident grouch, reporting for duty. How many of you knew Oscar was orange during the first season?

I think they love to hate each other.

This red, furry nuisance killed the Sesame Street of my youth!

Nom nom nom has made itself into my everyday speech. #YahCookie

Count vonCount? Original gangster.

This is Kami, a character on Takalani Sesame (South Africa). She was introduced in 2002 as an HIV-positive muppet to introduce South African children to the concept of sadness and loss of a loved one.

Ahh, the ensemble cast, including Abby Cadabby, the new kid on the block. Wow!

And who can forget the lessons? What didn’t we learn from Sesame Street? Because of this show, I was reading good, real good, by the time I was 2. I also learned about world issues, and even what went on in other kids’ backyards. I learned about emotions from John John, whose fro’ game is slaying us 20 something odd years later. Grover’s shenanigans prepared me for life in the service industry. Sesame Street also illustrated the “harder” concepts, such as death. Who still doesn’t miss Mr. Hooper to this day?

I still cry at that clip. And also, who can remember Ms. Patti caterwauling the Alphabet Song, or even this love song to her “X?”

Sesame Street has continuously featured a diverse cast, including Bob the Square (who I swore was the brother of Mr. Rogers) and Linda, the first regular deaf character on television. Let’s also not forget Savion Glover’s appearances on the show; he tapped his way into my heart back then, and hasn’t left yet. Le rawr.

Classic moments: Making Snuffy appear to everyone, Slimey, the celebrity cameos, Big Bird’s home destroyed (by the way, didn’t everything happen to that precocious, forever five year old bird?

Anyway, all I can say to the Sesame Workshop (formerly Children’s Television Workshop) and Viewers Like You is THANK YOU!! You’ve provided a lifetime of memories for this Midwestern girl, whose access to the actual Sesame Street was limited, but you always made me feel like I was right in your backyard. Because of you (and your characters who never grow up), I, too, can be forever in preschool! The lessons, the stories, the songs and dances, I will pass on to future generations. You have no idea of the imprint you’ve left in my heart and mind.


So, you all, now that you’ve seen my tribute, what are some of your favorite Sesame Street memories? If you’re from another country, could you do me a favor and tell me some of the shows you watched if Sesame Street or its counterparts weren’t available to you?

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