The Fixer’s Bleeding Heart

I want to take you on a brief journey in the mind of a fixer. Beware: this post may include repetitive use of one specific word.

Thanks, YE for the pic idea. You don’t even know you did it.

A fixer is that person you don’t know you have until you need them. The one you don’t need until there’s trouble. The one who is there despite your trouble. No matter the day or the hour, your fixer will be there with a listening ear, a solution or two, and a prayer. Like a good neighbor, the fixer is always there.

What you don’t know is the extra time the fixer spends fixing things on your behalf. The hours of researching, lost sleep, thinking about your well-being, praying you see better tomorrows, wondering if they can do more for you. They do these things, not because it’s their job, but because they care.

Some might mock the fixer for having a bleeding heart, but fixer don’t care. Wearing his heart on his sleeve with the matching hat, the fixer doesn’t hide any emotions. Fixer just wants to help, by any means necessary. Fixers always read in between the lines, knowing your jokes always  have a slight stain of truth behind it. Fixers excel at what they do, and when you’re satisfied and walk away until the next time you need fixing, the fixer is still there.

…but who fixes the fixer in the meantime?

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