Beezy Needs a Brand New Bag.

Hello. Fancy seeing me here. I’ll spare the excuses, just know that isht has gotten real. And I’m dealing with it, much like the good Beez I am. But anyway, the title of the tale should clue you in a bit: I need a new all-purpose bag. I almost want to call the bag “Old Rusty,” like my old apartment, but I fear that I have used all of my mileage with that term, so I’ll just explain how Baggy Mack got into my life.

The backstory: 
About 5 years ago, I was doing my normal perusing of the local Old Navy, probably for clearance tanks and performance fleece. In the clearance section, I found a black sling bag for 97 cents (sidenote to the sidenote: I find a lot of things at this particular Old Navy for 97 cents– most recently, a DRESS. Yep, they’ll forever have me as a customer.). I’ve never gotten into the habit of wearing purses, a fact that probably still makes Mama Beez want to disown me from time to time, but I figure I’ll be a real grown up lady one day. It’s a process. Seeing it as a basic black bag, no frills, plus the fact that I needed something more than a backpack to carry everyday, I took the offer.

Me and Baggy Mack hit it off immediately. I took him everywhere, save formal events. It was my explorer pack in foreign cities like Chicago, my resource bag when taking windy nature walks at home, and a few friends can even attest to my tendencies to keep a little of everything in him, including first- aid. Sure enough, I had a mom bag. My sister-in-law wondered about the whole lack of compartments, but I, not knowing much about bag-ness, decided I didn’t need much, as long as I had Baggy Mack. Check out our journey below:

Me and some folks I’m related to. 🙂 2006
Another of my good friends. 2006
First straightening after growing a fro for 2 years- 2007.
My Chicago travel companion, 2010.
Holder of water bottles, cell phone chargers and extra batteries, iPods, books for long bus and train rides… I’m getting emotional. No Carl Thomas.
A sidekick even when my human sidekick is unavailable. Identity concealed b/c he didn’t appreciate me letting him leave the house like that.

Some years down the line, I noticed a hole. That hole became a rip, which resonated in my heart. Was my beloved knapsack falling to pieces, and I didn’t have a suitable replacement? I questioned how it could have happened: Did I let someone’s baby carry it? I didn’t get it caught in any rear bus doors since that one time! Does falling on a bag put stress on it? Sure enough, none of the things that were happening were my fault. Baggy Mack is just getting old. I even tried to ignore the telltale shoulder rash from me carrying it on the ‘usual spot’– the fact that I had a usual spot…  Let’s see:

The front. Even the zipper area and shoulder strap is getting frayed.
Is that a tear? 
A rip on the side. Oh, my darling. 
A sampling of my daily wares: hat, book, bandage, church handouts, kool-aid single, gum, 3 types of lip balm, notebook and pen… 

With that said, I need a new bag. Perhaps it’s time for me to transition into grown lady bags, but I don’t have the knowledge or patience to scour through stores and websites. To me, THEY ALL LOOK THE SAME, and it’s pretty confusing. Much like shoe shopping. I can probably take a needle and thread to Baggy Mack to prolong his eventual demise, but I feel like I should introduce a new sack to get the both of us acclimated in the meantime. So, friends, if you’re willing to share and answer, I have a few questions:

  • What style of bag do you use for everyday carriage? 
  • Do you have a variety of bags (purses, clutches, backpacks, etc.), or do you stick to the ‘one bag fits all’ philosophy like I have? 
  • Do you know of a place (or website) where I can get one that will stand the test of time, like my dear Baggy Mack? Any preferred brands? (PS- I will accept hand-me-downs.) 

Other than that, let’s just say I’m back in business. Shoulder strain and all.


PS- Check out the my verbose friend Naturally Alise’s blog today. It features an exchange between the two of us about New Edition. For those who don’t know who NE is, click this and this. Love youse!

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Confessions of a Master Procrastinator

Eh. I’ll do it later.

I’m working on being a work in progress.
“How can that be?” you say. Well, I haven’t quite gotten to the point of being a work in progress, because I have a lot to work on before I get there. Today, I will let you in on one of my most defining characteristics, yet it’s a hidden shame of mine.
I am a master procrastinator. I finally came to terms with it last week as I was composing my term paper for a class. After some discrepancies about the due date, I realized I had 48 hours to complete, and fell asleep the night I was going to start. The next night, I stared at the blank Word document, switched between that and my outline for hours, and decided I needed another nap.
8 hours later, I set out to really begin the paper. I stayed positive, in that “10 pages is only 5 single spaced!” kind of way. I soon realized that I didn’t want to do it in the first place. Then, I noticed a spot on the window that was bugging me.  The paper got submitted, TWO MINUTES BEFORE THE DEADLINE. And I went back to sleep.
Why do I enjoy these hair-pulling moments? I don’t know, but for some reason, I can plan, and I mean well with the plans, but it just doesn’t go past that. I decided to compile a few of my favorite ways to procrastinate.
Clean like the merriest of maids: I don’t clean very often. I usually don’t have to, except when it comes to my room. When the hours are winding down to a big assignment, though, I pull out my toothbrush and start detailing baseboards like nobody’s business. That spot on the window I mentioned earlier? Led to me vacuuming the living room, washing dishes, and reorganizing the silverware drawer. Get like me.
Catch up on video games: I have a Wii. Best thing ever, and worst thing ever. I downloaded the Ocarina of Time (a Zelda game for N64), and when I started this class nine weeks ago, promised I wouldn’t play until finals were over. I made good on that promise until that day, when I remembered that I hadn’t beat the Shadow Temple Boss, and got to WERK! Yeah, I’m horrible, but I’m that much closer to beating Ganondorf and restoring the Triforce. You mad.
Cook: I’m always cooking something. I told y’all, Paula Deen is my play granny. Just made up a taco dip recipe a few days ago that was a hit. But anyway… The morning I woke up determined to start, I had my orange juice next to me, and said to myself, “I can’t start without a well balanced breakfast! Besides, I’ll have energy to complete the day!” I ended up making a mushroom and cheese omelet, which led me to my last favorite way to procrastinate…
Sleep: Yep. I got got by the itis. That omelet put me out like I had been drinking heavily at Spring Break. Sure, it was only for about 40 minutes, but it SHOULDN’T HAVE HAPPENED! I always realize how sleep deprived I am when I have something important to do. Luckily, this doesn’t happen at work, but still… I’m a mess and a half.
Welp, there we have it. I didn’t include infomercials and Twitter, because I figured by now, you know about those welcome distractions.
Do any of you struggle with Extreme Priority Displacement Syndrome, as I call it? How do you manage your EPSD? Do you manage it, or do you just say “Meh! I’ll get it later.” Tell me about it.
I’ll Make the Sprinkles Later,

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These are the Makings of Me.

I’ve been introducing myself for quite a while, huh? I figure in this blogosphere thingy, I may want to gradually do it. I don’t wanna scare anyone off, so I’ll let you take off your shoes one at a time, real slow-like. 🙂

With all of the Facebook- inspired notes out there that require you to advertise a borderline unhealthy amount of information about yourself, I found this one to have just the right amount of subtlety and imagination- Enjoy!

– Go to Google image search.
– Type in your answer to each question.
– Choose a picture
– Use this website to make your collage.
– Save the image for use in this note.
– Tag the people whose mosaics you want to see.

1. What is your name?
2. What is your favorite food?
3. What is your hometown?
4. What is your favorite color?
5. What is your favorite movie?
6. What is your favorite drink?
7. What is your dream vacation?
8. What is your favorite dessert?
9. What is one word to describe yourself?
10. How are you feeling right now?
11. What do you love most in the world?
12. What do you want to be when you grow up?

And the answers- Most are pretty self- explanatory, but give it a shot!

Who would I like to tag, then? Well, if you happen to see this, I’d like to know more about you, so consider yourself tagged!

Until next time, Laters!


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Friends- How Many of Us Have Them?

I feel so friendless on here- granted it’s only been a week, but compared to a week on facebook (where you’ll have 500+ “friends,” a welcome parade, and some cool gifts in the goody bag,) I haven’t quite gotten the ball rolling on here. Not that I’m looking for them- as every “villain/ ” on the reality shows say while in their prime “I’m not here to make friends, I’m just here to cook/take pictures/eat horse arse and win!” Except I won’t do that. Just like the song.

So anyways, if you know of any cool twenty-somethings, or older, or younger, I’d like to get to know them. And you, too, if it’s fine with ya. I won’t bite. I promise. My teeth are too small to handle much anyway. 🙂

Until next time,

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If you haven’t figured it out (not that I would have expected you to by the second sentence, I am Beez & Honey (I probably will spell it beez n hunny, beez and honey, or whatever else I feel like at the moment, so bare with me- or get used to it). :*)

Now that formalities are out of the way, I’ll tell ya a little about myself: I’m 23, a fresh out of college graduate (okay, I finished about 7 months ago, but with this economy, I should’ve stayed!) from the University of Illinois, and am just trying to figure out the “What Next?” of life…

In the meantime, I do taxes (until April 15th), babysit, and engage myself in random shenanigans, the misadventures of which will probably end up here, along with anything else I deem worthy (mua-ha-ha).

I’ll probably be adding and updating on a regular, since I have a laptop now, after going almost a year (yes- 525,600 minutes) without one, due to the “Great Spark of 2008”- an event where last year’s laptop decided it wanted to spontaneously combust, commit suicide, and leave my living room smelling of burnt plastic. If anyone knows of some buddies I could make on here, I’d appreciate it.

Until next time, peace!


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