Back to Life… Back to Reality…

Hi all!!

*does the wop in celebration of my return to blogdom*

What is the Wop, you aks (ask)? It’s a very spirited 80’s dance, consisting of arm thrusts and rhythmic head bobbing, in time to your legs mimicking the same movements. Some people know it as “the dance Rudy Huxtable does on the Cosby Show opening credits.”

Ahem, a demonstration (it’s the dance he does when the verse starts):

*straightens collar*

Now that official business is over, I’m inclined to update you as far as what’s going on…

As of 12:00 a.m. last Monday, I locked my apartment (appropriately named “Old Rusty”) for the last time. I gathered the rest of my things, said a quick word of thanks for the 3 years I did have with it, and left… At least I still have the memories.

My kitchen was in the hallway.

Here Ducky Ducky!! 🙂

I never was the best bed-maker.

So long.


auf Wiedersehen.


With that, I have moved into my friend’s house, the still (kind of) newlyweds with a toddler and a daschund puppy.

Baby Bear says “Mine!” (those are clearly my glasses.)

In the meantime, I’m still temping with the Uni, and making money to take care of the Bare Necessities. I saw a wedding last weekend too, and called it a “packing break.” I’m just prepping myself for big change, because I know it’s inevitable. 🙂 For that, I’m happy… So, what have you all been up to? I feel like it’s been a while.

Peacefully yours,

PS- See that pretty button on the sidebar? It’s my first award! Archana has deemed me a “Ray of Sunshine,” which I gratefully (and gleefully) accept. Thanks so much, doll! 🙂 *beams*

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…And the Procrastinating Continues…

I honestly should be packing the apartment, but I decided to give myself the “photoshop” tutorial, by making a blog header. It’s in the upper right of the blog, for some reason. My eyelids are getting quite droopy, so now I’ll retire and talk more about this when I wake.

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Why Do I Blog?

In the style of my blog buddy Archana, I decided to do one of those tagged blogs, except I kind of came up with this on my own.

I’ve asked myself this question plenty of times since I’ve decided to pursue it. I would give myself a set number of reasons, but heck, where I stop will be where I stop.

1- I blog because I love writing.
It may not seem like it at times, but I love writing about as much as I love reading. I used to write all the time as a kid (Flashback: I remember an assignment where we had to retell a fairytale from the villain’s POV; I chose Cinderella and ended up with a 10 page detailed narrative, and I was about 11). Writing has always been my favorite outlet, from the time I started keeping a journal when I was a wee lass until now. When I felt I had no friends to listen to me, I wrote. When I couldn’t quite figure out the words to describe what I felt, I wrote. Writing was my therapy, a practice that has continued into my adult years. Sometimes, when going through the “rough patches,” as I like to call them, it’s nice to look back every once in a while and say “I got through this.”

2- I blog because I forget things sometimes.
Not like the people who have a condition that affects their memory, but sometimes there are things I think about that I basically don’t want to forget. Sometimes, they’re just things I remember from days or years past, like my Flashback Friday posts (yep, that’s tomorrow!) or the jingle tribute, but hopefully they’re things that all can enjoy… which brings me to:

3- I blog because I like sharing!
Whether it’s something that I find funny, or a random thing that happened to me, or even issues I’d like to get opinions from others about, I like sharing. If I could, I’d even share my cookies, maybe when Baby Beez comes along (in 2020 or so…), he/she/they’ll share the cookies with ya. Blame it on me being the middle child, blame it on the a-a-a-a-a-alcohol, or blame it on the boogie, I’m a sharer. I’m also good at keeping secrets and being a mediator, so if you need a buddy, I’m your gal!

In the spirit of sharing, here’s a cool find I came across this article:

100 Things Your Kids May Never Know About

Some of my favorites from the list:

  • Rotary dial televisions with no remote control. You know, the ones where the kids were the remote control. (that was me- the channel changer, water fetcher, dishwasher, etc.)
  • The scream of a modem connecting. (SCREEEEEE-URPPPPP!! wee-woo, wee-woo, wee-woo…)
  • Doing bank business only when the bank is open. (but online does help…)
  • Not knowing exactly what all of your friends are doing and thinking at every moment. (thanks Twitter! By the way, did anyone else feel lost during the DOS earlier)
  • The fact that words generally don’t have num8er5 in them. (this practice makes me sick to no end… I’d threaten bodily harm to my kids if they tried this. That’s why I don’t have any now.)
  • Pay phones. (Are these mofos extinct now?)
  • Remembering someone’s phone number. (I still remember numbers, except my own… )
  • Not knowing who was calling you on the phone. (gotta weed out the stalkers…)
  • A physical dictionary — either for spelling or definitions. (for the record, I HATE I’m a Merriam-Webster girl all the way.)
  • Finding books in a card catalog at the library. (I’m sure a kid today would think the card was the book…)
  • Blowing the dust out of a NES cartridge in the hopes that it’ll load this time. (Yesssss!! Duck Hunt on deck!)

Baby Beezes are gonna be so deprived. Hopefully I’ll be able to show them a video from the olden days of the 1980s. And a boombox. What do you all remember?

Happy Friday!


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Proof That Bacon Makes Everything Better!

Hi all! It’s been a while, but I got wind of something that will make all of the hatred you (secretly) have for me dissipate: Baconnaise!!

From the makers of Bacon Salt.

This is… for the (bacon) lover in you. This jarrr… means I’ll always be true.*

Yep, that’s bacon flavored mayonnaise. Use it as a veggie/fry dip, spreadable sandwich sustenance, or like one fan says, “I would eat that with a spoon.” The website touts it as “… the ultimate bacon-flavored spread. Use it on sandwiches, salads, dips, sauces, chicken, fish, and fries. Vegetarian safe!” It’s apparently Kosher Certified, and vegetarians are happy. Any representatives from PETA wanna speak out? I know you’re out there…

I know most of you are thinking, “Bacon and mayo, that means I’ll just taste and see that it’s good, sweat gratuitous amounts of cholesterol, and pass out before my sugar laden Kool-Aid serving?” Apparently, Justin and Dave (the founders) have gotten it all worked out. Their lifelong dream is to make everything taste like bacon, and with salt and mayo already staples in plenty of households, I’d say their dream isn’t deferred. You can enjoy this bacony-mayo-ey delight with less calories than *gasp* the normal stuff!


Nutritional Facts

Regular Mayonnaise*

Regular Baconnaise

Lite Baconnaise

Total Calories per serving




Total Fat per serving (Daily Value %)

10g (15%)

9g (14%)

2.5g (5%)

Trans Fat (Daily Value %)

0g (0%)

0g (0%)

0g (0%)

Saturated Fat





0g (0%)

1g (0%)

1g (0%)

So, as Justin and Dave say, “Pick up some Baconnaise and give your cardiologist a break.” If you’re curious as to where to purchase such household staples, here’s the link to the store, which also sells products such as bacon flavored lip balm. Hmmm… I wonder (given I can keep it on from constantly licking it) if I use that on my next date, will that help me find a hubby quicker? I mean, future husband’s gotta like bacon, I suppose. Doesn’t everyone?

Yayy!! Comes in lite too, for you calorie-savvy folks.
Oh, the possibilities! Bacon-salted eggs, bacon-salted fries… I can’t contain myself!

By the way, if any of you have partaken of the Baconnaise (or it’s flavorful sister, Bacon Salt) please let me know how it is. I’m not gonna lie… it sounds interesting. If someone approves it for me, I’m game. 🙂


*Bonus points for those who get the song reference.

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… naw, not really- I keed!

I am in the process of changing things, though. I think as of lately (or possibly just since the inception of this blog), I haven’t really had much of a focus. Then again, I’m not sure if I want to have one, but to make things a bit interesting (at least for the 4.5 readers I have), I’ll get some themes going! What to rant about first, though?

I could always talk about my own personal brand of shenanigans….

…or things that make me slightly annoyed (or grind my gears, or tricks my treats, or whatever you young folks say), or questions that are essential to life, like “Why is Dennis Rodman still getting airtime, as if it’s 1997, and his relevance is at an all time high?”

Perhaps the people would love to hear about my adventures in babysitting?

I know! What if I talk about all of my secrets? (Note: I considered “The Secret Life of Beez” as a blog title- it just may come to fruition one of these days)

I’m sure the “Unemployment Chronicles” tag is strangely relevant to today’s modern 20 something trying to find their way.

How about this: My life, and other things I deem important, or at least interesting, at the time of the post?

Yeah… I like that.

For now, that’s all I’ve got. Maybe soon you’ll see “Wailing Wednesdays” or “Flabbergasting Fridays” or some aliteration theme day.



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