Rebecca Black: Challenge Accepted.

First of all, if you don’t know anything about Rebecca Black, or the ear-slicing known as “Friday,” I implore you to click here and here for my e-twin Cheekie’s play-by-play, and IAmYourPeople’s message to parents who put their kids through that hot bewl. When you’re up to speed, come back, and I’ll set the scene.

*looks at watch*
*does the chicken noodle soup*
*scratches nose*

Okay, you’re back? Great! So, I was scrolling Tumblr the other night, when I saw a post titled Rebecca Black Challenge. It appeared that the challenge was to look at a YouTube video, which turned out to be a horrible dub of Black’s “Friday,” and see how long one could last without laughing. I saw comments of mostly people who couldn’t last a minute, and I decided that this was a challenge best suited for my webcam. Taking a cue from ragetunes, I became the “Challenge Accepted” guy, and got geared up.

Below are my results. I didn’t have a voice, but that didn’t stop shenanigans from making its way in my life.

*sigh* The things I do for foolishness. Anyway, fair folks, have you ever seen or heard of Rebecca Black before now? Did you take the challenge? If so… how long did you fare?

Love you guys!


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