Thankful Thursdays- Just Because.

(Note: Many of you won’t see this until Friday, but I definitely wrote this Thursday night.)

With all of the writing I do here, people could say that they know quite a bit about me. However, one side that I don’t share as often on here is my spiritual one. I actually blog some of my thoughts and perceptions from that journey in a separate space, and leave the shenanigans, random musings, and pop culture here. One practice I’ve really been trying to get into more is being more aware of the people and things I appreciate. During my reflection times, I try to keep track of things I’m thankful for overall, that day, and sometimes that minute. These things range from the mundane and shallow to the serious, life-altering issues. For me, it’s an exercise in awareness of self, awareness of others, and awareness of life. Perhaps Thankful Thursdays will become a more frequent feature as I just strive to… think better. 

I even made a logo!
So, today, I’m thankful for the following: 
  • Another day not promised that I was given. 
  • Countless opportunities to do things for others. 
  • My dad getting to celebrate his 50th birthday this week-it’s not been the best 50 for him, but he’s gotten there. 
  • This mild, underwhelming winter- I’ve not had to wade in knee-deep snow just to get to the bus stop, and I’m not complaining about it. 
  • Friends and family who check on me, especially when I’m not taking care of myself. I’m learning to better help others, I’ve got to be a better me.
  • Those knowing glances from people that say so much, that additional words aren’t necessary. 
  • Those creepy geese in my park backyard being gone. For now. 
  • The ability to write where my verbal skills escape me. Seriously- I can be in the middle of a conversation, and all of a sudden, my mind goes blank. What follows is usually something completely asinine, like “duh- oranges are subservient?” I’m glad my writing helps in that. 
  • Hugs, when I can get them. I am quite selective of who I let in that space, but sometimes, you just need a hug at the end of the day. 
  • Videos of babies, puppies, or babies and puppies on YouTube, because they brighten the days of everyone within a 15 foot radius of me. 
  • The ability to hide everything (and everyone) that annoys me on facebook, including that scrolling side-ticker. 
  • Connecting with people from the most unlikely of sources, including Twitter. They make all of my out-of-town experiences that much more… everything.
  • Music and chicken. No further comment. 
What kind of things are you thankful for? I don’t mind if you’re shallow or deep- share all of your happies. 
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