Monday Funnies (It is Monday, Right?)

If you haven’t heard about this site, I feel it’s my civic duty to inform your booty about Texts From Last Night, a site that is similar to F My Life, where people tell anecdotes of the crappy genre, all ending with the abbreviation FML, short for “F*** My Life.” Fellow readers can then rate how f***ed said person’s life is, based off of the submitted story. Sometimes, I wonder how valid they are, and whether people just make some of these stories up to get a laugh…

Okay, back to the point.

You’ll find similar fare at “Texts…” but these are in the from of drunken text messages, and feature the phone number of the senders. Some prime gems taken from that site include:

  • (949): Do you think “I had sex with my co-worker last night I don’t think I can come in today” is a good excuse?
  • (913): I hope I’m pregnant just to spite you.
  • (517): he confessed his love for me, threw up on my pillow and then fell asleep on said pillow. i met him last night.

(231): better than last weekend. things are really looking up for you.

  • (386): it felt great physically, but AWFUL morally.
  • (847): I accidentally had sex with my boyfriend’s twin last night…and he didn’t stop me. (1-847): How was it? (847): Fantastic, but that’s not the point.

Readers get to grade these based off of what kind of night you think the sender had…

That’s all for now.


P.S. I am not pregnant, and will not post this to spite you 🙂

**Edited to add: I just realized it was Tuesday. I really need to find a job or something. The title STAYS, regardless! Don’t judge me. 🙂

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