Of Blacktags and Brown Twitter Birds…

Hey folks,

I am blogging in the middle of a meme right now. You didn’t catch me during the Antoine Dodson fiasco, because it had been done time and time again before I deduced I waited too long (the master procrastinator in me did it). You didn’t catch me during the Montana Fishburne mess, because I don’t particularly dabble in the affairs of those in the porn industry. But this… I’m here for, and I’m on time for it!

Friends, I introduce to you… Brown Twitter Bird:

#StuffBlackPeopleTweet #BlackTags #FroBirds

Check out his hat. His fancy hat. And the smartphone. The better to @ reply you with, my dear!

Where on EARF is this coming from, you say? Let’s discuss:

Yesterday, an article was posted by Slate magazine discussing the “phenomenon” of black people on Twitter. In short, it’s main idea was, “ZOMG!! Black ppls use Twittuh? Why they do it for? They use it a lot!” Basically, a bunch of bull. Lots of people use Twitter for varying reasons, and to try and single out one demographic and lump us into one category, Mr. Manjoo, you fail.

“Black people—specifically, young black people—do seem to use Twitter differently from everyone else on the service.”

 I need the receipts on gems such as this that were spouted throughout the article. I felt it was nothing more than an “Ask A Black Guy” segment, in the style of SNL or something.

The best part of the article, however, was the illustration that came with it. Shown above, it is a  bird, much like the Twitter mascot (let’s call him “Chirpers McTweet”), colored brown, with a fitted baseball cap (with the appropriate “#” symbol, possibly for #Blacktags?), and a smartphone. As the article circulated (I posted it too- I had to), InnyVinny got an idea- “Why don’t I make the hats different colors for those who don’t like the standard ‘twitter blue?'” Then we got some other offerings: pink, blue, purple, and for those who like to rep your hoods:

*does whatever people from Brooklyn do to rep*

These spread like wildfire. I changed mine to the fro-bird, seen on my profile, as more and more requests popped up: “Lacefront! Locks! Antoine Dodson! Michael Jackson (that was mine)!” InnyVinny, quite the entreprenessa, got to work. As of now, there are 19 Brown Twitter Birds on her site and counting! And, in true “Teh Black peepuhs are on twittuh” style, the “blacktag” #BrownTwitterBird has emerged, becoming the face of the movement.

I say, throw some caution to the wind and join in the fun. Are we ringing true the point that Manjoo wished to ‘explore’ in his article? Probably. Is it fun anyway? Yep.

With that, me and my #BrownTwitterBird are dougie-ing outta here.

Chirps and Sprinkles
Beez (and Chirpy Jankins)

Dey see me rollin. Dey hatin’.

Are you going to celebrate the Brown Twitter Bird?

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