Optimism Wins!

For some reason, that has become my new “unofficial” catchphrase. Why? Because I’m being my own cheerleader, and eff what anyone else has to say. The slump is over, but in the meantime, I’m keeping myself occupied until the next big thing comes along… For the time being, I’m gonna get immersed:

  • Couch to 5K- I read about this program on Cool Running, and found a site here that explains it in depth. Basically, you’ll be ready to do a 5K (3 miles and some change, I hear) in about 9 weeks if you follow it 3 times a week. I downloaded a podcast that’s set to music and lets you know when to walk and when to run, so it’s pretty easy to follow. So far, I’m on day 2 of week 2, and foot cramps are grinding my gears. Maybe I’ll repeat it next week. I may be in shape to do the Chicago 1/2 marathon in September! 🙂
  • Still applying for jobs, everywhere I can think of ( and you too!). Seriously, I won’t mind the 50-11 “no’s” I get, especially when that “yes” comes in. I’ll just be hoping that it comes soon!
  • Keeping myself occupied otherwise. Getting back into the blogging thing, and still trying to figure out Twitter (how nice that they let you change your handle, per availability!), and have synched Twitter with the blog- hooray! Still watching the little munchkins, and I’ll start involving myself with church activities too! Anything’s better than doing nothing. I learned the hard way how detrimental that is. Nuh-uh. I’ll take a pass on that one, Alex.

If you know of any other ways to keep me busy, or if you’re in the same predicament and have some ways to cope, let me know! Hope to hear from ya!


I’m gonna make it after all!

–Busy Beez

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