I shall be brief. Wuzzah!

Oh what a weekend!! Well, since it’s graduation season, I attended some at my good ol’ Alma Mater, since I still live in the area. In the sea of blue, I got memories of my own last year. In the midst of all of the family drama, anxiety, and sleep deprivation, you feel a sense of accomplishment and thankfulness. Seeing some of my best friends (and even those that I know that aren’t my bestest of friends, but good people nonetheless) cross the stage, all smiles, made me feel happy for them. I understand that while our journeys to that point may have differed, they all ended with the same thing: a handshake and a degree (not to be confused with a diploma, you know). I understand, and hope you now realize, that those all nighters, tears, and stressful points were now worth it. For those of you that are not quite finished (yep, you August and December, or even later, grads), keep on pushing. Don’t let that whole “finishing on time” concept hold you back. What the heck does that mean anyway? Your time is your time. End of m.f’ing story.

I wish you all of the success that you can take, and even then, a little dash more, because from here, you can do all things! I pray that each of you are safe and well in whatever the next steps are from you, and if you happen to see me on the street looking unkempt, that you will let me borrow $5. I’m good for it.

Take care, and Congratulations Class of 2009!!!
*celebratory booty dance, a la Riley Freeman*

Don’t toss those hats too far. You know those are rented! 🙂


P.S.— You can exhale now. It’s over!
P.P.S.– I know you’re excited, but in your facebook/myspace/twitter/whatever accounts you use, please don’t call yourself an “alumni” of *insert your school here*. You can be an alumnus or alumna of said school, but alumni is plural. Unless you have more personalities than you usually talk about, please use the correct term graduates! :*)

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