The Climb

I was supposed to share all of my insight on a new year last month on my birthday.

Obviously, that hasn’t happened yet, so instead I’ll share some insight I got by way of a dream last week. I’ll do the best I can to explain it, and let your imagination do the rest.

Imagine that one day, you’re walking and somehow fall into a hole. It’s not a terribly deep hole, and after examination, you realize you’re okay. A little shaken up, but good. You start to examine a way out and realize it’s a little tough. Your arms aren’t super strong. Your footing’s a little shaky, and there’s no ladder. Who do you call?


Well, while you were on this walk, there were plenty of people around that saw you fall into the hole. They may have even called down to see if you were okay, but assuming that you’ll get out like you normally do, went on with their business. You’re still in the hole. You might get a call every now and then that feels like this:

Them: “Hey, how are you?”

You: “Still in the hole, but I could use–“

Them: *proceeds to discuss their own issues*

You could geotag yourself in the hole. Check in on Facebook with the location as “The Hole. Yes. Still.” You’re signaling and signaling and time passes. You’re still in the hole. People seem to care about your predicament on a surface level, but that care hasn’t prompted anyone to toss down a rope, or at least check in to see what you need. Frustrating, right?

Well, as I see it, the last year has been me in that hole. I’ve experienced some of my lowest lows with only the company of myself to get through. I’ve tapped into a level of resilience I was pretty sure I’ve had all along, but it’s been getting worked out. I’ve always been a rather sensitive/intuitive person, but being exposed in the hole has taken me to another level of awareness of not just myself, but the world around me. What fascinates me about these hole experiences is the way that we treat people who are down ┬áthere.

If you possess or can provide relief to a situation for a person, why do we offer platitudes and prayer? I’m not saying that either or both do not have merit on their own or combined, but if I see someone hungry and I can buy them a sandwich, I’m going to give them that sandwich along with the encouraging words. ┬áSometimes, I feel that we overlook our own power to make a difference in someone’s life because we’re looking for grander opportunities to serve. What if those little experiences help us to be better equipped to handle the bigger ones, though? What if you’re overlooking the person in the hole for someone in a tree, and all they both need is a ladder?

The hole experience has been eye opening for me in many ways. It’s given me an unique way of looking at others and their situations. It’s challenged me in how I view people, challenges, and myself. And while I’m not quite out of the hole, I can see myself getting stronger. Doing some push-ups to get my arm strength up. Whether I get that rope tossed or not, I’m climbing out of this thing.

Besides, from this point of view, the only way to look is up, and that’s just where I plan to go from here.

Wishing you the best as you climb,

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