You Need Some Laughs? I Gots The Chuckles

Hey, friends!

Stuff has been getting inexplicably real for me these past few weeks, and I found myself in a bit of a slump. Seriously, it was so bad that even music couldn’t fix what ails me. Not even hits from the Thrillermaker (and you KNOW MJ can get my tushy moving like none other!). Anyway, I did eventually find some things that were able to get me laughing hard. Asthma. (Sorry. Had a Drake moment there.) Wanted to share them with you, in case you needed a mid(ish)-week pick me up:

1- Tuts My Barreh

Y’all? This right here? Kilt me. I’m a sucker for subtitles. Use them ALL the time. Add some Microsoft clip-artsy pictures that pop up at key moments, a guy who thinks he’s the next Koreonce, and it led to me cracking a bit of a smile.

2- Crazy Wedding Entrance Videos:

It’s that season folks. Lots of white dresses being sewn together (or bought at your local David’s Bridal). Somethings old, somethings new, somethings borrowed, and somethings blue are being draped around expectant brides, eagerly awaiting their moments to become “Mrs.” A lot of people still go the traditional route, but these days, with so much room for personalization, couples are taking that route. From the invitations, pictures, and as shown here, the entrance:

This wins basically because there’s Thrillermaker involved. Here’s a close second that would be first if I weren’t blinded :

I sincerely wished the crowd was less stiff. This looked like fun, length and all. I’d probably attempt it. Maybe not for the wedding, but the reception. I’m already planning some custom… *shuts her mouth so you don’t steal my idea*

Moving on…

This site… YESSS!!! I can’t explain it in words, so click here.

 Here’s a hint. 

Let’s see what we have here: 
  • “Solitary soldiers keeping the grind alive?”
  • Gratuitous hip rolling, pelvic thrusting and sexy eyes? 
  • Unexplained kids in the background, looking bewildered? 
  • Ninjas who should’ve never been given teh innernets or a webcam?

Snuffles has my reaction down packed (or is it down pat? Y’all be messing up some sayings.) I’m Ginuwinely geeked.

“Dancing Alone to Pony” has made my day.

That’s all I have. What do you all do to get out of your slumps? We all have them, so don’t pretend like everything is rainbows and Baskin-Robbins. I will send Eeyore AND his gloomy cloud to bring you back to reality.

Love and Sprinkles,

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